Becky - new update 04.18.2016
Becky is a gorgeous brunette that I have always wanted to have as my mistress. She is tall and she has an athletic constitution, always acting as she were a kind of princess who deserves everything. That’s why she is sitting so relaxed in my living room, with both her feet on the table, checking her messages on her phone. I love to watch how she is playing with her toes, swaying her bare feet, also knowing that she is aware that she is so appealing to me. She doesn’t seem to notice that I am more and more excited and therefore I ask her if she needs a foot massage. Obviously she is... Read More
Brunette and sexy, Martina is wearing a sexy, elegant red dress. She is so delicate and feminine, her moves are very appealing to any leg worshiper. The beautiful curves and the soft skin of her bare feet are convincing me to kneel in front of her. First I love to watch how she is playing with her feet, how she is wiggling, spreading her toes. She is rubbing her toes on her wrinkled soles, touching gently her skin with the red polished toenails. Obviously, I start touching her feet, too. I am so excites to feel the sweet taste of Martina’s skin. My tongue slides along her soles and my... Read More
Amy is a cute brunette with beautiful long hair. She looks very French and retro, like a brunette Brigitte Bardot: feminine, sexy, and sensual. She is dressed casual, wearing a yellow blouse and some stretched black jeans. Lying relaxed in bed, she is stretching her legs, showing her gorgeous feet. She is sagging her feet and she bends her soles, touching and caressing herself. Barefoot on the white sheets, she looks like a beautiful dream for a feet worshiper. Her long toes are gently sliding along her sole, following the sexy curve of the foot. She slowly taps her wrinkled soles and a... Read More
Obviously I’m charmed by Cami’s feet! I love her large soles and I’m thrilled with pleasure when she is sitting relaxed on the bed, not noticing that I’m watching her. She is wearing some short blue jeans that are emphasizing the beauty of her long, slender legs. While she is reading her messages on the phone, I’m very excited looking at her playful long toes which seem to call me. She is arching her soles and I can notice sexy wrinkles which are expecting a lot of kisses. Some dirty sports on her soles are very tempting for me, who I am already imagining the... Read More
I wanted Alena to come to my place dressed in black, with gray pantyhose on her. I think Alena looks like an angel, blonde and delicate and the black corset makes her look very sexy and sensual. The black pants are only increasing the beauty of her legs, while the reinforcement are making her feet very appealing to me. First, I love to watch her touching herself, rubbing her soles on her toes. I can notice her long toes and her perfect polished toenails, while she is playing, spreading her toes I come closer and I can feel the scent of her soles. Touching her feet I can feel my body thrilling... Read More